Dr Rudi

Dr Rudi is a hop variety originating from #New Zealand and is grown in #New Zealand today. It's usually considered a dual-purpose hop variety. Dr Rudi hops are also known as Super Alpha.

The Dr Rudi hop plant produces cones of medium size with compact density. Typical yield is approx. kgs per ha or lbs per acre.

IHGC references Dr Rudi hops as DRU or DR and classifies it as a bitter hop variety.

Possible subsititutes for Dr Rudi include #Green Bullet .

Typical beers brewed with Dr Rudi hops include #India Pale Ale (IPA) and #Lager style beers.

Typical oil composition

Alpha10 %12 %
Beta7 %8,5 %
Total1,3 mg/ml1,3 mg/ml
Co-Humulone33 %36 %
Myrcene29 %30 %
Caryophyllene101 %10,1 %
Humulene33,2 %33,2 %
Farnesene< 1 %

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